CD review BURY TOMORROW ‘Black Flame’

(8/10) British metalcore-ians of Bury Tomorrow launched their latest studio output 'Earthbound' in 2016. Two years later album number five will step out of the darkness into the light. The 'Black Flame' starts burning mid July, featuring ten new songs of the metalcore quintet and will be the debut for Bury Tomorrow's new label Music... Continue Reading →

CD review PARKWAY DRIVE “Reverence”

(8/10) That Australia has a wider musical offer then solely AC/DC and Kylie Minogue is a well-known fact. There were/are bands like Mortal Sin in the fields of thrash metal and there is a metalcore outfit that is on a mission to spread their sound outside Australia too. Parkway Drive is their moniker and it’s... Continue Reading →

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