KATAKLYSM reveal details of the upcoming album

For almost three decades, the US/French Canadian-based melodic death metal syndicate Kataklysm has delivered unapologetic waves of powerful sound across the entire globe. On August 11th, 2023 the band’s 15th full-length studio album ‘Goliath’ will be unleashed unto the masses via Nuclear Blast Records. 'Bringer Of Vengeance' is the first single from the album. The... Continue Reading →

CD review KATAKLYSM ‘Unconquered’

Canada-based Metal force Katakylsm release their new longplayer 'Unconquered' as we speak (read). It's their 14th longplayer in the bands long history, a story that started nearly 30 years ago in Montreal, Quebec. 'Unconquered', a well-chosen title for the world we are living in in right now, has an approach of brutality beating filigree. Kataklysm's... Continue Reading →

KATAKLYSM unveil a next new song

Canadian melodic death metal heavyweights Kataklysm will unleash their 14th full-length studio album, ’Unconquered’, on September 25th via Nuclear Blast Records. Today, the band releases the music video for their second single entitled, ’Underneath The Scars’. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/PTbp1LoCbNo. Maurizio Iacono comments, "'Underneath the Scars' is a bulldozer of a track that will surely ignite the world's metalheads... Continue Reading →

CD review KATAKLYSM ‘Meditations’

(9/10) Canadian death metallers Kataklysm finished work on their next studio album entitled ‘Meditations’. The title of this album led to a smile because the album is definitely no soundtrack for meditation. So, if you were worried about what this chosen name means for the band’s music I can comfort you – things are as... Continue Reading →

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