Review DOWNSET ‘Maintain’

It was in the mid-80s when a band called Social Justice started in Los Angeles, California. Social Justice was the predecessor of Downset. The renamed band premiered in 1994 with the ‘downset.’ album and the debut contains with ‘Anger!’ a great crossover hymn that paved the way for the success of the sophomore longplayer ‘Do... Continue Reading →

DOWNSET announce ‘Maintain’

Downset belong to the pioneers of a rap/hardcore blend that gained momentum in the ‘90s. Their first two longplayers are stellar releases with songs like ‘Anger’, being a real hymn, penned by the band. After having signed with Nuclear Blast, Downset announce a new album. ‘Maintain’ is their first album in eight years and ‘The... Continue Reading →

POWERFLO tour dates

It's Prophets Of Rage that got quite some attention over the last months but there is another band that at least deserves the same level of notice: Powerflo. The band features musicians from Cypress Hill, downset, Biohazard, Fear Factory and Worst and it's these five guys that released a debut in summer last year. This... Continue Reading →

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