Review MISERY INDEX ‘Complete Control’

Baltimore-based metallurgists Misery Index have ‘Complete Control’ ready to be unleashed. The four-piece band premiered in 2003 with the ‘Retaliation’ album and isn’t known as a band flooding the metal community with records. During their whole time the quartet unleashed just six longplayers and number seven is waiting in the starting blocks. ‘Complete Control’ for... Continue Reading →

MISERY INDEX announce a new album

Baltimore-based death metal powerhouse Misery Index announced a new album. ‘Complete Control’ is the title of their newest effort and is the seventh studio album, penned by the band. The tracklist carries nine songs in the following order: Administer the DaggerThe Eaters and the EatenComplete ControlNecessary SufferingRites of CrueltyConspiracy of NoneInfiltratorsReciprocal RepulsionNow Defied! The release... Continue Reading →

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