New BLOODBATH album in September

Oldschool death metal force Bloodbath announce a new album called ‘Survival of the Sickest’. It will be the sixth longplayer by the Swedish metal unit and it will carry eleven metal blasts. Release date will be September 9th, and ‘Survival of the Sickest’ will come via Napalm Records. For the ones of you that can’t... Continue Reading →

BLOODBATH announces a new album

Now it is in the open, 'The Arrow of Satan is Drawn' is the title fo Bloodbath's 5th studio album. The longplayer will be released on October 26th and comes via Peaceville Records. “What are we presenting with this album? Humanity’s unfaltering march prone towards downfall,” declares guitarist Blakkheim. “The threat to this world isn’t... Continue Reading →

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