CD review SLEEP TOKEN ‘Sundowning’

Sleep Token is a project of Underground musicians. It's nowhere mentioned who stands behind the project that's driven by 'Vessel'. What can be said though is that the music is quite diverse. Complexity, sound-layers, Pop, Rock and Djent-like guitars, all is present on 'Sundowning'. Sleep Token creates a pretty interesting sound out of all these... Continue Reading →

New album from TUNDRA in February

Instrumental Rock band Tundra, hailing from Spain, announce a next album. Interesting enough the longplayer got a title in German language, a well-known title for fans of horror. 'Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari' refers to the silent horror film from 1920 and Tundra delivers a musical interpretation, a soundtrack to a classic in horror movie... Continue Reading →

CD review SHIT THE COW ‘Stoner Ghost’

Shit The Cow is a regular deliverer of new records. Was it in the beginning more four-track EP‘s the quartet started to work on full-length albums that lately saw the light of day. ‚Stoner Ghost‘ is the newest addition to Shit The Cow‘s discography and it‘s again filled with some surprises. The opener ‚Doctor Doctor‘... Continue Reading →

CD review HAWK EYES ‘Advice’

(7/10) With hawk eyes the UK-based quartet observes the world and everything that going on these days. But let's take it step by step. Hawk Eyes started in 2004 and release three longplayers since then. An informal hiatus caused some radio-silence during the last years but now they are back with their next longplayer. Record... Continue Reading →

Title track of TOOL’s new album revealed

‘Fear Inoculum’ is the title of the fifth Tool album. Release date is on August 30th. The 85 minutes long epos was produced by Tool themselves and it was Joe Barresi supporting with engineering and mix. The title track has been unveiled and can be watched on YouTube. Stay tuned for more.

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