CD review 1000MODS ‘Youth of Dissent’

You must have some qualities connected to your music if a guy like Matt Bayles (Masterdon, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) takes care of the production of one of your albums. Greek 1000mods have this musical excellence and they reveal with 'Youth of Dissent' a new proof of work after a 4 years waiting period. 1000mods started... Continue Reading →

CD review DIE HAPPY ‘Guess What?’

Although having played quite some shows over the last years, a new studio album wasn't in sight for many years. 'Everlove' was unleashed in 2014 and April 2020 is the month that ends the wait for fans of the German rock institution. 'Guess What?' is Die Happy's ninth album and it's out in the record... Continue Reading →

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