DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROM will return to ZDF Fernsehgarten

The “strayed” rockers return to the crime scene – DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME will play at ZDF Fernsehgarten!

It’s THE rock’n roll summer tale of 2019; on the 23rd of June, three allegedly tough guys didn’t want to fit into the usual ZDF Fernsehgarten scene that attracts millions of viewers every week; but instead stood out like a sore thumb despite their black cloth.

The internet flashed over with speculations of how these three rockers covered in tattoos ended up on the Mainzer Lerchenberg. A broken navigation device? Got lost? A wrong turn on their way to the Rammstein concert?

Bild Online solved the puzzle and revealed that this was a private trip by DOUBLE CRUSH SYDNROME (latest album “Die For Rock´n´Roll”, 2017 Top 50 in the German album charts) from the Ruhr area. Vocalist Andy Brings (latest movie: “FULL CIRCLE – Last Exit Rock´n´Roll”) persuaded his band mate Slick Prolidol and their roadie Antionio Scafidi to take a slight detour to the hit-show on the way back home from their concert the day before, due to his guilty pleasure; the schlager music of the 70s and 80s which was the topic of this Sunday’s show. Brings: “I don’t want to hide the fact that the good old schlager music is part of my DNA as well as heavy metal and punk rock music. We had a lot of fun and artists like Andy Borg are absolutely great. For me there is no chiraptophobia. Quite the opposite!”

Brings‘ spontaneous participation at the Schlager quiz with moderator Andrea Kiewel literally made the cut and now the sensation is perfected: On the 18th of August DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME will perform a secret song at the Fernsehgarten show. The band is currently producing the song with living producer legend Uwe Hoffmann (DIE ÄRZTE, SPORTSFREUNDE STILLER) in his Studio in Costa Blanca, Spain.

Andy Brings: “We’re totally shocked! What an honor! We are very happy to perform at this show and we will bring something special with us for this evening. We can’t help but stepping the pedal to the metal. On or off, there’s nothing in between and that’s what we always do: TURN IT UP!”

The band isn’t scared of criticism from their own fans or from the metal community. Brings says: “We always and only do what we want to do. You can’t force us at all. Everything we deliver comes from our hearts. If we want to do something, nothing is impossible. We don’t care about the opinions of narrow minded and deadlocked people. Everyone may see and like us. Rock n’ roll is for everybody and this is a message we like to spread. The reactions on our spontaneous visit at the Fernsehgarten show were pretty positive. We love what we do and we’re really looking forward to our performance. We’ll bring back the action into rock!”

Time has come for a friendly kick in the ass. Even if this rock n’ roll summer dream will find an early happy end on the 18th of August it will soon continue for sure. The world is in need for new rock stars!

Photo:  Jan Weiner

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