CD review THE QUIREBOYS ‘Amazing Disgrace’

(9/10) 1990 was the starting year for The Quireboys, at least when it comes to their debut album. In fact, first activities began even earlier. Jonathan ‘Spike’ Gray laid the foundation of the band that became one of the most constant factors in British Rock music.

I can’t remember having listened to a The Quireboys album that wasn’t good. The band, in the meantime more than three decades in business, aims for certain quality standards and also their newest delivery, ‘Amazing Disgrace’, is built on this ambition.

The band recorded in total eleven new songs that are all 100% The Quireboys. It’s a pleasure listening to the guys since their music has so many aspects, all united under the umbrella of rock’n’roll.

There is the gently swinging ‘Eve of the Summertime’, a song made for a relaxed summer evening taht includes a perfect sunset. The rockin’ side comes to forefront with the grooving opener ‘Original Black Eyed Son’ and the rhyhtm-focussed ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ with its awesome chorus. Last but not least there a solid portion of blues embedded in tunes like ‘California Blues’ and it’s the entire package with all its variety that makes this album shine.

The Quireboys managed again to release an album that features excellent rock music from start to end. ‘Amazing Disgrace’ is a summertime soundtrack with a release date that’s right in time.



  1. Original Black Eyed Son
  2. Sinners Serenade
  3. Seven Deadly Sins
  4. Amazing Disgrace
  5. Eve of the Summertime
  6. California Blues
  7. This is it
  8. Feels like a long time
  9. Slave #1
  10. Dancing in Paris
  11. Medusa My Girl

Label: Off Yer Rocka Recordings

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date EU: April 19th, 2019



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