CD review ARTILLERY ‘The Face of Fear’

(8/10) Danish metal pioneers Artillery is a bit of an on-off-band. The guys started in the early 80’s and release with ‘By Inheritance’ and ‘Terror Squad’ two records that were very well-received by metalheads. After a hiatus, the band returned in 1999 with ‘B.A.C.K.’, which was a short intermezzo leading to another split.

After a second pause, the band came back in 2007 and since the release of ‘When Death Comes’ productivity increased dramatically. In the last nine years, Artillery released more longplayers than they did between 1982 and 2009 and since the quintet follows a two years release pattern, a new album could be expected for 2018. Here it is. 

‘The Face of Fear’ is Artillery’s ninth studio album, comprising of eleven new songs. The quintet stays true to themselves, meaning, they didn’t change a lot. Often no change leads to boredom, which is absolutely not the case with Artillery. The five guys play thrash metal with an oldschool appeal. That’s what the band started with and that’s still what they are into. Smashers like the raging title track and the uptempo ‘Sworn Utopia’ are wrecking balls and 100% Artillery.

With ‘Pain’ the quintet also adds a powerful half-ballad to the tracklist and it’s ‘Through the Ages of Atrocity’ that offers another twist. I guess that a fusion of Volbeat and Exodus would lead to a song like the mentioned one. While the verse reminds of the Danish colleagues it’s the aggressive riffing that makes you think of the Bat Area pioneers.

Artillery’s new album is a glorious continuation of what started with their official revival in 2007. ‘The Face of Fear’ is a rock solid metal release with vigor and dedication. Thumbs up.



  1. The Face of Fear
  2. Crossroads to Conspiracy
  3. New rage
  4. Sworn Utopia
  5. Through the Ages of Atrocity
  6. Thirst for the Worst
  7. Pain
  8. Under Water (Instrumental)
  9. Preaching to the Converted
  10. Mind of No Return
  11. Doctor Evil

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: November 16th, 2018

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