CD review DEATHRITE ‘Nightmares Reign’

(7/10) ‘Nightmares Reign’ is Deathrite’s fourth studio album and number one for Century Media. Deathrite is a band that didn’t stand still and always worked on their music and sound. Starting in the fields of raw death metal the band evolved their music over the years and also the new album is done with such a renewing mindset.

A new label and some changes in the line-up contributed to a slightly different album. With Tom Michaelis (g) and Anton Hoyer (b), it’s two new guys that onboard, adding to music that is still reflecting some death metal roots, but also comes with a crusty and anarchic expression. ‘Nightmares Reign’ is a dark and brutal album. With death metal roots still being present it’s the darkness that gives the impression of the band peering hard at bands like Tribulation. ‘Appetite For Murder’ is a such a song and also the very long closer uses a similar approach, especially reflected in the calmer sections of this nine minutes epos.

Next to all the positive, it’s a kind of cookie-cutter approach that’s mainly used for the eight songs on the album. Most of the tracks, although being good ones, are the same only different. This makes the album a bit lengthy and after half of the album, I had the feeling of having heard it before.

So, all in all, there a few things to keep in mind when it comes to ‘Nightmare Reigns’. The album contains a shift of sounds towards dark metal with a crust. It also features good songs with a too similar approach, leading to a lengthy impression after a while. Equipped with a good sound ‘Nightmare Reigns’ is a solid album of a band that’s on a constant move.





  1. When Nightmares Reing
  2. Appetite for Murder
  3. Invoke Nocturnal Light
  4. Demon Soul
  5. Devil’s Poison
  6. Bloodlust
  7. Obscure Shades
  8. Temptation Calls


Label: Century Media

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 9th, 2018





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