CD review NOTHING ‘Dance on the Blacktop’

(7/10) American rock outfit Nothing was formed in 2010 and it was a self-released EP that brought them a contract with relapse Records. To date the band released two longplayers via the label and it’s ‘Dance on the Blacktop’ that continues a fruitful cooperation.

‘Dance on the Blacktop’ will be unveiled on August 24th and the album features nine new songs. Founder Domenic Palermo and band gave the album a melancholic expression that comes back in each of the tunes. The opener ‘Zero Day is no exception. Well-crafted melodies spread some wistfulness that fins its end with the final track. ‘(HOPE) Is Just Another Word With a Hole in it’ rounds of an album that is built on strong emotion, an intense mood and excellent melodies.

Next to these songs of melancholia and tranquility there are some light-hearted moments too. ‘You Wing Me Up’ is one of them. Compared to many of the other tracks this one is built on a swinging vibe. It’ feels like the sun is breaking through grayish clouds. However if you expect the day to become sunny I have to tell you that this is not happening. ‘Plastic Migraine; takes you back into some darkness and also the heavy grooving ‘Us/We/Are’ doesn’t change the pattern.

‘Dance on the Blacktop’ is a record that creates a counterpart to the ongoing Northern hemisphere summertime. Wistfulness is the general atmosphere that comes with this longplayer and its songs. In case you’re a bit done with warmth and sun, this album could become your soundtrack while sitting on the shades of summer.





  1. Zero Day
  2. Blue Line G=Baby
  3. You Wind me up
  4. Plastic Migraine
  5. Us/We/Are
  6. Hail on Palace Pier
  7. I Hate the Flowers
  8. The Carpenters Son
  9. (HOPE) Is Just another Word with a Hole in it


Label: Relapse Records

Genre: Alternative Rock

Release Date EU:  August 24th, 2018


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