Review STRYPER ‘The Final Battle’

One of the first white metal bands were Stryper. The California-based group started in the 80s and there were several things that made them the talk of the town. First, there were the yellow and black striped stage clothes and the fact that a band threw bibles into the audience was also rather unusual. Calculated... Continue Reading →

CD review STRYPER ‘Even the Devil Believes’

Summertime is bubble bee time and yellow/black is the color of the season. Thinking about yellow/black brings of course also Metal to metalheads' minds. California-based Stryper brought these colors to Heavy Metal in the second half on the '80s when the quartet started their quite special mission. The first records have been discussed controversially and... Continue Reading →

MICHAEL SWEET (STRYPER) announced new solo album

Stryper frontman Michael Sweet announced a new album, which is scheduled for October 11th. The longplayer comes through Rat Pak Records and prominent contributors that added some riff power to 'Ten'. Tracklist: Better Part of Me (featuring Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy)Lay It Down (featuring Marzi Montazeri) Forget, Forgive (featuring Howie Simon)Now Or Never (featuring Gus... Continue Reading →

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