Review MYSTIC CIRCLE ‘Erzdämon’

After it was quiet around Mystic Circle for a long time, A. Blackwar and Beelzebub came around the corner with a new album in 2021. Simply called 'Mystic Circle' the band returned to their black roots and released grim black metal songs that caught people's attention. Now follows with 'Erzdämon' the second strike of the... Continue Reading →

Review MYSTIC CIRCLE ‘Mystic Circle’

Mystic Circle are certainly no strangers. The band from Ludwigshafen, Germany has its beginnings in the early 90s and tossed the debut album 'Morgenröte - Der Schrei nach Finsternis' on the scene in 1996.It was in 1999 when a caesura took place. A. Blackwar left the band, leaving Beelzebub as the only remaining founding member.... Continue Reading →

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