MHMB – Top 20 longplayers 2018

The metallic year 2018 is coming closer to an end, giving space for a promising 2019. It's a good moment to look back and here are my favorite 20 longplayers of 2018. 1.Heir Apparent - The View from Below2.Fifth Angel - The Third Secret3.Metal Church - Damned If You Do4.Judas Priest - Firepower5.Ultha - The... Continue Reading →

CD review MARDUK ‘Viktoria’

(8/10) Polarizing Swedish black metal quartet Marduk is back with a new album. ‘Viktoria’ follows the 2015 release ‘Frontschwein’ and marks a continuation of  what started in 1990, the year Marduk was founded. As with the latest releases it’s again the furious leads and the hoarse nagging vocals of frontman Rosten being the fundamental assets... Continue Reading →

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