Review NICKELBACK ‘Get Rollin”

Nickelback is as successful as they are controversial. But if you sell more than 10 million records in the USA, as with 'All the Right Reasons', you seem to be doing something right. These days the four Canadians have with 'Get Rollin'' a new album in the starting blocks and the tenth studio longplayer starts... Continue Reading →

JASON ALDEAN and ‘Georgia’

Jason Aldean stands for well-crafted rock with some roots in country music. Half a year ago the singer released with ‘Macon’ the first part of his 10th studio album. These days the second part hit the shelves. ‘Georgia’ is the title of the latest album, the state the singer was born, while ‘Macon’ is the... Continue Reading →

URIAH HEEP announce 6-CD Box Set

British hardrock legends Uriah Heep announce a box set that includes six CDs. The release features personally picked songs from the long list of tunes and albums. Over their career, Uriah Heep unleashed 24 longplayers and 'Choices' contains 77 highlights out of 50 years in hard rocking music

NOISE announce HELLHAMMER reissue

Hellhammer the legendary underground metal titans from Switzerland are credited as being pioneers of extreme metal and the black metal genre, along with Venom and Bathory in the early 1980’s. Formed by Tom G Warrior and Martin Eric Ain (who went on to form Celtic Frost) ‘Apocalyptic Raids’ was originally released in 1984 and is... Continue Reading →

DIO – the studio album collection 1996-2004

BMG and Niji Entertainment Group Inc. will re-release the four Dio longplayers from the period between 1996 and 2004. Each record is newly remastered and feature extra live recordings/unreleased studio song(s). Release date is February 21st, 2020. Angry Machines  Disc 1 & LP Tracklist Institutional Man Don’t Tell The KidsBlack Hunter Of The Heart Stay Out... Continue Reading →

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