EXODUS announce ‘Persona Non Grata’

Bay Area thrash metal veterans Exodus announce their 11th longplayer available on November 19th and comes via Nuclear Blast. Gary Holt comments “After what seems like an eon, we now have the debut of our first single, ‘The Beatings Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)’. I’m so jacked up for this and the release of Persona Non Grata! Let’s get the… Continue Reading →

Review DEFIATORY ‘Apokalyps’

Bay Area Thrash Metal has certainly left its mark on Defiatory. The five guys from Umeå have definitely listened to the music of bands like Testament more than once before they started Defiatory in 2015.After recording their first album with ‘Extinct’ in 2016, ‘Hades Rising’ followed two years later. Now it’s time to send the… Continue Reading →

Review TYMO ‘The Art of a Maniac’

Edmonton, Canada isn’t just the home of one of the best ice hockey teams. The headquarter of thrash metallers TYMO is also based in Alberta. TYMO started in 2014 and released two longplayers to date. These days the third longplayer has been unleashed to excite metalheads all over the world. TYMO is purely based on… Continue Reading →

MHMB and the Top 20 in 2021

Here are the MHMB Top 20 longplayers in 2021: 1. Helloween Helloween 2. Mastodon Hushed And Grim 3. Dream Theater A View From the Top the World 4. Green Lung Black Harvest 5. Freedom Freedom 6. Carcass Torn Arteries 7. Fortress Don’t Spare With the Wicked 8. Exodus Persona Non Grate 9. Lucifer IV 10…. Continue Reading →

Review SPACE CHASER ‘Give Us Life’

The German metal scene was never lacking great thresh metal bands. Kreator, Destruction and Sodom belong to the spearhead of Teutonic thrash metal, and it was one decade ago when a new force took the stage. Berlin-based Space Chaser started in 2011 and after having put out a first demo on the market, an EP… Continue Reading →

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