Review EARTHLESS ‘Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons’

If you only look at the tracklist of ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’ you might think that this is an EP. Three songs are not a long list. However, if you discover that this is an Earthless release, the thought of an EP disappears and indeed, ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’ is a long player that brings it to a respectable 62 minutes of playing time.

The title and album are inspired by a book of traditional Japanese ghost stories. It is about the fear of the unknown, in which people hide and can hear but not see the everyday madness.

With this theme in mind, Earthless set to work and what came out is an album that impresses with the length of the songs it features. The title track itself, which comes in two parts round the corner, reaches 41 minutes. Considering the fact that ‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’ is an instrumental album, it is even more remarkable that there is no moment of boredom. After pressing the start button, you embark on a musical journey that fascinates and never lets you go.

With a creativity reminiscent of a jam session, the guys give free rein to their inspiration. With a hypnotic charisma the songs boom out of the speakers. Sometimes it’s the slower moments that remind you of Black Sabbath, while heavier outbursts provide a well-done flow throughout. ‘Death to the Red Sun’, the third track on the album, reflects it all.

‘Night Parade of One Hundred Demons’ is the musical realization of a mirage. It’s the basic elements that flicker and when you think you can grasp a song, it changes direction and the whole thing starts all over again. This record wants to be discovered and does not open up automatically, even if you can guess the fascination at the first listen. So, put on your headphones and press ‘play’. It is worth it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons (Part 1)
  2. Night Parade Of One Hundred Demons (Part 2)
  3. Death To The Red Sun

Label: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Stoner Rock

Release Date EU: January 28th, 2022




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