Review REXUL ‘Erebus … Virtuosus .. Alpha’

Rexul, that is the moniker of the powerful metal duo Simon M. and Benny O.. Both have been part of Brute Force as well as Diabolic Imperium and teamed up to start with Rexul a new outlet that lasers in on raw und unpolished death metal.

The duo recorded their debut album ‘Erebus … Virtuosus .. Alpha’ which a deadly first strike with a 13 songs featuring tracklist. Rexul plays old-school death metal with a stronger link to genre veterans like Morbid Angel and Deceide. With this Floridian death metal inspiration in mind, Rexul combines harsh riffs, deep growls and an atmospheric vibe in a stunning way.

‘Erebus … Virtuosus .. Alpha’ is straight to the point. It is fueled by a brutal sound and at the same time never drowns in monotony of excessive repetitions. The duo created songs that are rooted in the fierce and brutal sounds of death metal, while there is always a glimpse of a melody weaved into the total. Not to forget in this context are the razor blade sharp leads that are used as a style element and break with their filigree the pattern of brutality. Songs like the thundering ‘Reentry in Emptiness’ and the merciless ‘Immaculate Vengeance’ are perfect examples for what to expect from the duo. Another song I would like to mention is the massive and fast ‘Undead Between the Column of Salomon’. ‘Barking’ vocals and relentless riffing is what leaves the speakers and make a deadly impression.

Another smart move was the integration of interludes. There are three in total plus the intro and each of these short sequences add to the vibe of the album as well as they break the flow in a way that extra tension is created.

Rexul unleash with ‘Erebus … Virtuosus .. Alpha’ a debut that is brute and raw. What the duo placed on the tracklist of their their first studio album is compelling death metal with headbanging being a mandatory.

Rating: 8 out of 10.


  1. 999
  2. Intergalactic Eyes
  3. Reentry In Emptiness
  4. The Light
  5. Entlightened by the Morning Star
  6. Fraternitas of an Old Noir Latreia
  7. 333
  8. Immaculate Vengeance
  9. Curia
  10. The Darkness
  11. Undead Between The Column of Salomon
  12. Laudatio Per Mortem
  13. 666

Label: F.D.A. Records

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date EU: November 26th, 2021


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