CD review BATUSHKA ‘Hospodi’

(9/10) It was in 2015 when Polish Batushka took a step out of the shadows and went straight into darkness. That’s at least how you could describe the beginning of one of the most disruptive Metal bands these days.

Batushka, that’s art and art needs to challenge borders and limitation. The Polish powerhouse is doing this from a musical aspect as well as they created an impressive stage scenery that compliments the musical extreme rather than compensating for poor songs. Batuhka has both on their repertoire and is a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ if you will, with a constantly growing fan group that will not be disappointed by the new album entitled ‘Hospodi’.

The anticipated next strike comes with 10 songs that are all fascinating. The way Batushka combines liturgical chanting, heavy riffs, melodic guitar lines and hoarse vocals is impressive. None of the four pillars is unique on its own, but the way the Polish outfit combines the elements makes them special and gives them an own sound and identity.

Villainous songs like ‘Utrenia’ are belonging without any doubt to the best Metal brought to surface in 2019 since the music is driven by a vision rather than a commercial interest. In a certain way the band reminds me of the early Rammstein. This isn’t due to the music, not at all. But it’s the musical liberty and the willpower to stretch boarders that distinguishes them from others. Batushka is a rising star in the universe of darkness and ‘Hospodi’ is their blackened masterpiece, so far. Regardless if you like the music or not, this album doesn’t leave you cold.



  1. Wozglas
  2. Dziewiatyi
  3. Wieczernia
  4. Powieczerje
  5. Polunosznica
  6. Utrenia
  7. Pierwyi Czas
  8. Tretij Czas
  9. Szestoij Czas
  10. Lituriya

Label: Metal Blade Records

Genre: Black Metal

Release Date EU: July 12th, 2019



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