CD review CARNAL FORGE ‘Gun to Mouth Salvation’

(8/10) ‘Gun to Mouth Salvation’ is an album you couldn’t really expect. Carnal Frorge released their previous longplayer back in 2007, faced a hiatus and returned in 2013. The band pulled oneself together and started to work on new material, although the next longplayer wasn’t in sight at that time.

‘When All Else Falls’, a 7′ single release in 2014, was a sign of life and it took another five years to get the next longplayer into shape and form. Carnal Forge in 2019, that’s the only remaining founding member Jari Kuusisto (g) together with Lars Lindén (b), Petri Kuusisto (g), Lawrence Dinamarca (d) and frontman Tommie Wahlberg who recently joined the Scandinavian powerhouse.

Album number seven of the Swedish thrash outfit is a strong addition to the their discography. Mercilessness, that’s what’s the common denominator of all the eleven tracks that made it on the album. Raging riffs, furious leads, a hammering rhythm section and aggressive vocals are the key ingredients of songs like ‘Reforged’. Also the grooving ‘King Chaos is an well-crafted midpace tharsher while ‘Aftermath’ is an extremly fast riff-massaker.

‘Gun to Mouth Salvation’ is a dynamic and brutal thrash album that couldn’t be expected to be that good. It feels like the band used the last 11+ years to recharge the metal batteries and it’s the first tone on this album that figurively pulls the trigger and releases all the built-up enegry, anger and power.



  1. Parasites
  2. Reforged
  3. Aftermath
  4. Endless War
  5. Bound in Flames
  6. King Chaos
  7. The Order
  8. Hellrider
  9. State of Pain
  10. Sin Feast Paradise
  11. The Stench

Label: ViciSolum Productions

Genre: Thrash Metal

Release Date EU: January 25th, 2019



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