CD review SLEGEST ‘Introvert’

(8/10) Norwegian Slegest unveils their new album ‘Introvert’ mid-November this year and the season couldn’t have been chosen much better. The blackened rock’n’roll of the album, done in eight songs, fits perfect into the dark season of fall and winter. My Norwegian I far too bad to tell you what the lyrics are about and... Continue Reading →

CD review HAKEN ‘Vector’

(8/10) Haken is a band that releases records on a quite regular base and after their first live album has been launched some months ago it is the next studio album that reaches the record stores end of October. 'Vector' is the fifth studio album of the London-based prog rockers and it's for sure an... Continue Reading →

CD review NECRONOMICON ‘Unleashed Bastards’

(7/10) A few days ago German thrashers Necronomicon unveiled their newest album. 'Unleashed Bastards' is already album number nine in the band's discography. Things took its course in 1986 when the debut 'Necronomicon' has been released, followed by two additional records. Things slowed down in the 90's before Necronomicon gained speed again in the first decade of... Continue Reading →

CD review NORTHWARD ‘Northward’

(9/10) Northward is an exciting project that needed quite some time to grow. It was in 2008 when Dutch singer Floor Jansen and Pagan’s Mind guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad started to work together on new songs they planned to record and release under the banner of Northward. Due to busy agendas and other commitments, things... Continue Reading →

CD review WARREL DANE ‘Shadow Work’

(9/10) One of the most talented singers in metal, Warrel Dane, passed away on December 13th, 2017. The news hit the metal community hard. Grief and sadness were recognized everywhere. With his rather unique voice, Dane enriched albums of bands like Sanctuary and Nevermore and all of a sudden this voice became silent. Therefore you... Continue Reading →

CD review BONFIRE ‘Legends’

(*/10) German hardrocker Bonfire entered a rather successful new era a few years ago. The last three studio records showed a good development of a band that scored bigger achievements in the second half of the 80's when they toured with bands like Judas Priest. This time Bonfire unleashes a double CD with cover versions.... Continue Reading →

CD review ROYAL TUSK ‘Tusk II’

(8/10) I guess it was and is the ice-hockey team, Edmonton Oilers that brought the Canadian city on the agenda of people outside Canada and outside North America. I’m not an ice-hockey fan but even I know the name of Wayne Gretzky and nowadays it’s two Germans being part of the roster. But your right,... Continue Reading →

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