Live (Photo-) report UNDERTOW, Guardians​ Of Metal festival, Hückelhoven – 27.10.2018

German underground legend Undertow has been part of this year’s Guardian Of Metal festival in Germany. The four-piece band played an eleven songs comprising set, which included tracks like ‘Reap the Storm’ and ‘Zero Type X’, taken from the newest album.

Photographer Cindy Kay went with her camera to Hückelhoven and came back with photos of an intensive live show.



  1. Canvas Ghost
  2. Zero Type X
  3. Stomping Out Ignorance
  4. Reap the Storm
  5. Still Waiting
  6. Three double Chime
  7. File Under Unexpected
  8. Burdened
  9. In Deepest Silence
  10. Trails For the Blind
  11. Crawler


Location: Guardians Of Metal festival, Hückelhoven, Germany

Date: October 27th,  2018



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