KING’S X announces new studio album​

King’s X inked a deal with Australian Golden Robot Records and announced a new studio record for 2019. It will be the first King’s X album in more than 10 years.

I’m really excited to release the next KING’S X album with Mark, Derrek and the crew at Golden Robot! May the groove be with us all,” said singer/bassist dUg Pinnick. Guitarist Ty Tabor added, “I’m looking forward to working with Golden Robot Records!” 
Drummer Jerry Gaskill comments “It’s been a while since we’ve made a record. During that time, I’ve been thinking, when and if we make a new record, I want it to be the best we can do. I want to believe in it. I want to make it great, whatever it takes. I don’t want to just make another KING’S X record. I think and hope that we are in that place. I think and hope its time and I feel good about the team we’ll be working with at Golden Robot Records. I’m going do my best. Let’s do this thing.” 

Photo: Promotion

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