BLACK TUSK comes with a new song

Noise masters Black Tusk will release their next studio album 'TCBT' on August 17 via Season Of Mist. 'Burn the Stars' is the second song they unveil and it can be watched HERE.  The tracklist looks like this: 1. A Perfect View of Absolutely Nothing  2. Closed Eye  3. Agali 4. Lab Rat  5. Scalped ... Continue Reading →

New SATAN album in September

NWoBHM veterans Satan will release a new studio album on September 7th. 'Cruel Magic' will come via Metal Blade Records and comprises of 10 songs: 01. Into The Mouth Of Eternity 02. Cruel Magic 03. The Doomsday Clock 04. Legions Hellbound 05. Ophidian 06. My Prophetic Soul 07. Death Knell For A King 08. Who... Continue Reading →

CLUTCH unveils a new song

Clutch unveiled a second track of their upcoming album 'Book of Bad Decisions'. The song's title is 'How to Shake Hands' and will be also available as limited 7", which will also include 'Gimme the Keys'. Album release date is September 7th and the new video can be watched HERE...


In late 2017, Dream Theater signed with Sony Music’s progressive imprint InsideOutMusic. Now, in preparation for the band’s fourteenth studio album and their first album ever produced in collaboration with this leading worldwide label, they are pleased to announce that they have entered the studio to begin the writing process. James comments: “We’ve been here... Continue Reading →

CD review BATTLEROAR ‘Codex Epicus’

(8/10) Four years have gone by since Greece epic metal powerhouse Battleroar unveiled their latest longplayer. ‘Blood of Legends’ has been released in 2014 and it’s ‘Codex Epicus’ that marks the return of the band, hailing from Athens. As with the earlier records also the newest one comprises of epic power metal that finds its... Continue Reading →

CD review BLOODLOST ‘Diary of Death’

(7/10) Switzerland is known for some good rock and hard rock bands as well as their striking extreme metal scene with bands like Celtic Frost, Messiah and Triptycon in forefront. It’s not that many thrash metal bands that could gain a widened popularity beyond Swiss borders. The legendary prog thrashers Drifter have been one of... Continue Reading →

CD review KHEMMIS ‘Desolation’

(8/10) Denver, Colorado – based metallists Khemmis belong to the rising stars over the last years. The quartet debut in 2015 with ‘Absolution’, followed by the sophomore album, entitled ‘Hunted’. Both records were critically acclaimed and acted as a springboard for inking a deal with no less than Nuclear Blast Records. The decisive third album... Continue Reading →

PEARLS new video is launched

Pearls unveils a light swinging alternative rocker 'The Salvation and the Power'. The self-titled album of this Münster-based band is already launched and you might want to check out the new video.   Photo: Netinfect (Promotion)

THUNDERPUSSY announces debut

All-female band Thunderpussy, hailing from Seattle, began in 2013 and the selftitled longplayer 'Thunderpussy' that will hit the shelves on August 10th. Thunderpussy plays exciting heavy indie rock and you can check it out HERE.

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