New HEIR APPARENT album in October

HERE comes a first teaser for the upcoming Heir Apparent album 'View From Below', which will be released on October 15th via No Remorse Records. Stay tuned for more. Tracklist: 1. Man in the Sky 2. The Door 3. Here We Aren't 4. Synthetic Lies 5. Savior 6. Further and Farther 7. The Road to... Continue Reading →

Second new SINSAENUM song online

Sinsaenum unveiled a second song from their next album. 'Repulsion For Humanity' will hit the shelves on August 10th and comes via earMUSIC. 'Sacred Martyr' also features Lauren Hart of Once Human and can be watched HERE.

MICHAEL ROMEO presents ‘Djinn’

Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo will launch his solo debut 'War of the Worlds / Pt. 1' on July 27th and 'Djinn' is one song, coming from the tracklist of this longplayer. The tune got a video that can be watched HERE. 

CD review HALCYON WAY ‘Bloody but Unbowed’

(6/10) The label sheet that came with Halcyon Ways’s new album ‘Bloody but Unbowed’ mentions Megadeth, Dream Theater, Testament and Chimaira as a source of inspiration for the five guys from Atlanta, Georgia. After having listened to the album several times I think that the mentioned comparison nails it pretty much and what could be... Continue Reading →

New ALICE IN CHAINS album in August

Alice In Chains announced there new album 'Rainier Fog' for August 24th and the quartet unveiled a new track entitled 'So Far Under', which can be enjoyed HERE. It's a dark and oldschool tune and is an excellent appetiser for more.  'Rainier Fog' is the first Alice In Chains studio album within five years and... Continue Reading →

CD review ATROCITY ‘Okkult II’

(8/10) Atrocity belongs to the pioneers of German death metal. Formed in 1985 the band debut in 1989 with 'Blue Blood'. Since then various releases followed. The band became known by a wider audience in the late 90's when the 'Werk 80' album was revealed. The approach of taking 80's and 90's pop-/electro songs and turning... Continue Reading →

CD review STORMWITCH ‘Bound to the Witch’

(7/10) Stormwitch is a band name most of you should be familiar with. The glorious early longplayers, such as 'Tales of Terror' and 'Walpurgis Night', were underground highlights in the mid 80's. These records made Stormwitch to 'the masters of black romantic' and it was this band that brought Gerstetten, their home-village, for the first... Continue Reading →

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