CD review Amanda Somerville’s TRILLIUM ‘Tectonic’

(8/10) Amanda Somerville is a well-known name when it comes to female-fronted rock and metal music. The American singer worked together with Kamelot, Avantasia and Epica. Next to these cooperations Somerville and Helloween’s Michael Kiske released some excellently done records with the moniker of Kiske/Somerville. So, you should have heard the great singer already earlier... Continue Reading →

HALESTORM reveals details of the upcoming album

Halestorm announced their fourth album ‘Vicious’ and the release date will be July 27th. The first single ‘Uncomfortable’ has been revealed as well and is a great appetizer for the album. The tracklist of ‘Vicious’ looks like this: Black Vultures Skulls Uncomfortable Buzz Do Not Disturb Conflicted Killing Ourselves To Live Heart of Novocaine Painkiller... Continue Reading →

CD review LUGNET ‘Begging’ 7″

(7/10) Swedish Lugnet unveiled a first 7" with a song taken from the upcoming album. 'Begging' is a classic rock song that reminds very much of bands like Deep Purple and also some Jimi Hendrix. The B-side includes with 'Cockroack' another tune that refers back to the 70's as well. It's a grooving rock song... Continue Reading →

MARILLION announces live album

Marillion played for the first time aver at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 13th, 2017. The show was recorded and will be released as CD, DVD, Blu-ray and LP on July 27th.  ‘All One Tonight (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)’ comprises of two parts. The first one is the ‘Fuck Everyone... Continue Reading →

CD review FARGO ‘Constellation’

(7/10) Cosmic constellation seems to be quite good for Fargo and their new endeavour. It was Peter ‘Frago Pedda’ Knorn, also known from bands like Victory, who wrote a book, looking back to his career as musician, producer and label manager. This retrospect included the days with Fargo in the 70’s and early 80’s and... Continue Reading →

CD review SLAPSHOT ‘Make America Hate Again’

(7/10) Looking up ‘slap shot’ in the dictionary gives you the following definition. “A very powerful, fast-moving shot of the puck on goal made with a full backswing of the stick and an extended follow-through” ( Transferring this definition to Boston-based hardcore veterans Slapshot is spot on.  Slapshot’s songs are fast and extremely powerful. The... Continue Reading →

RIVERSIDE – new album and tour dates

Progressive Rock masters RIVERSIDE have just signed a new deal with longtime partners InsideOutMusic and are pleased to announce their upcoming seventh studio album “Wasteland” as well as its corresponding first European tour for October/November. RIVERSIDE checked in with the following words: “Well, we're back in the game! We're happy to tell you that our... Continue Reading →

IRON MAIDEN goes digital

  Mobile games publisher Nodding Frog and heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN are proud to announce the arrival of a new PvP arena to their ‘Legacy of the Beast’ game - in a global first and representing an unparalleled level of integration in the mobile space, the arena was designed in tandem with Iron Maiden’s... Continue Reading →

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